Mission Beach Town Council Good Neighbor Information


Mission Beach is a unique community where vacationers and students live together with more permanent residents in close proximity to one another. Many of the students are living independently for the first time. Due to the density of the buildings, sounds echo and travel far, something newcomers are frequently not aware of. Historically there have been issues that have resulted in some underlying conflict between temporary residents and more permanent residents who maintain routines and schedules.

Mission Beach Town Council supports efforts to help the diverse population share this special place with one another, to respect each other and maintain a peaceful co- existence. If everyone is aware of the rules and regulations that address these issues and concerns, this is more likely to happen. Below is a summary of Municipal Codes and Ordinances that address these concerns:

NOISE: (SDMC 59.5.0502) At all times, any amplified sound that can be heard 50 feet away from your residence is prohibited. Between 10 PM and 8 AM, even normal conversation must be moved inside your home. CAPP (Community Assisted Party Patrol) program can result in fines (Up to $1,000) for property owners and tenants if there are repeated calls for noise violations to one address (SDMC 51.1004 and California Penal Code 415.2).

ALCOHOL: (SDMC 56.54) It is illegal to have alcohol on Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and adjacent parks and sidewalks at all times. All glass containers are prohibited. A Social Host Ordinance requires party hosts to verify the age of all attendees and to supervise any minors.

SMOKING: (SDMC 43.1003) Smoking is prohibited on the beach, boardwalk, seawall, parks and parking lots.

PARKING: (SDMC 89.09.4) Parking is prohibited at red stripes and curbs at all times. Violators can be held civilly liable if they are blocking emergency vehicles from responding to calls and injuries or death result.

DOGS: (SDMC 63.0102) Dogs are only allowed on the beach and adjoining walkways from 6 PM (4PM during non-DST months) to 9 AM and must be on leashes at all times. You must pick up after your dog.

TRASH: (SDMC 66.0127) Trash is picked up once a week. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day there is a second weekly pick up. Check with immediate neighbors to find out the days as they vary in different areas. Separating recyclables from your regular trash and shredding any papers with personal information that could lead to identity theft helps prevent scavenging, which is also illegal (SDMC 66.0301 and 66.0402). 

BEACH FIRES: (SDMC 63.20.5) Fires, using only clean wood, are permitted in city- provided fire rings and containers that are raised off the sand. Flames must be kept less than 12 inches above the container sides and no fires are allowed from 12 AM to 5 AM.

CONTACTING THE POLICE: The San Diego Police Department would like all violations reported by calling 619-531-2100. Ask for an incident number for follow-up. Always call 911 in a true emergency.

STUDENT NEIGHBORS: We encourage permanent residents to get to know their student neighbors when they first move in by introducing themselves and including them in a neighborhood social event. A positive initial contact may help prevent late night confrontations over a party or loud music. Each of the three major schools has a website for students living off campus and a contact person for issues that arise.

USD: www.sandiego.edu
Office of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Donald Godwin, 619-260-4588

SDSU: as.sdsu.edu/ccc/events/ (Link to Successful Community Living)

Director of Community Relations, Tyler Sherer, 619-594-2522

UCSD: off campus@UCSD.edu
Office of Vice Chancellor of Student Life, Jeff Walker, 858-534-4372